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Eric Chinchon 2021.jpg

Eric Chinchon

Eric is one of the founding partners and the Chairman of the Board of mebs. Eric brings incisive strategic analysis and understanding of the potential impacts of upcoming regulations. Forthright and forward thinking, Eric adds top class value to the mandates he serves. Eric is an INSEAD certified independent director.

Michael Lange 2021.jpg

Michael Lange

Michael is one of the founding partners of mebs. With his extensive experience of asset management and its operations, Michael is at the forefront of fund industry issues. Sharp and to the point, Michael brings his unique experience to the mandates he serves. Michael is an INSEAD certified independent director. 

Emmanuel Begat 2021.jpg

Emmanuel Bégat

Emmanuel is a partner of mebs. Emmanuel has 360° experience of asset management, from alternative strategies to marketing and distribution, and from regulatory and compliance matters to depositary and administration issues. Emmanuel is forward thinking, a solution builder and keeps things simple to better mitigate risks. Emmanuel is an INSEAD certified independent director. 


Violaine Vilair 2021.jpg

Violaine Vilair

Violaine Vilair is the CFO of mebs. A Luxembourg chartered accountant, Violaine has worked in audit, domiciliation and commercial structures. She brings to mebs her expertise in accounting, finance, group reorganisation and consolidation. Violaine is also an expert in IFRS and Lux GAAP.

Mats Lewicki 2021.jpg

Mats Lewicki

Mats Lewicki is the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of mebs. Mats has a deep hands-on experience of asset management, inter alia in launching new regulated entities and funds. He has taken a leading role in drafting internal procedures of several regulated structures. Mats enjoys building long-term value and improving organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Christophe Pessault 2021.jpg

Christophe Pessault

Christophe Pessault was external and internal auditor specialising in risk management, and has also led a large teams of risk management specialists gaining experience and expertise on the Luxembourg financial industry. Christophe holds an Executive MBA obtained from HEC Paris.


Jose Luis 2021.jpg

Jose Luis Rodriguez Alvarez

José Luis is a mebs affiliate specialized in the financial industry. He brings over 18 years of experience and a deep understanding of the requirements to provide governance and executive mandates here in Luxembourg. As an INSEAD IDPC and ILA Certified Director, José currently sits on several boards in Private equity funds and the Spanish Chambers of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg.

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